London’s weather has been surprisingly good since I’ve arrived. Seeing as the UK is notorious for all its grey. My boyfriend says I dress like a typical asian. Ballin’ in one too many sweaters and coats. Well, thankfully with autumn’s perfect mix of hot and cold in the air there’ll be no need for all that. I’m sure he’ll be disappointed. He enjoys making me feel like a spaz.

Not much has happened on this trip since I pretty much drained all my personal account privileges the weekend before. But lucky me, got to see Emily. As well as meet her friend Bonnie. We headed over to this club called Libertine. Which basically consisted of some free watered down vodka and a lot of hip hop. Was a decent night out. Had a couple of Beyonce moments. And maybe one too many Jbombs. Got home at around 4 am and woke up at 7 am. As much as jagermeister contributes to most of the hype, I think people truly underestimate the effect redbull has in the mix. Gonna quit drinking for a while. My liver needs a break, fo real.

Apart from that, tonight I’ll be taking a 2 hour journey to Henley for dinner to see my childhood friend Libby. Known this chick pretty much all my life. It’s crazy looking back when we were like 6? Playing dress up in my disney princess outfits and making a tent out of blankets and pillows, playing with barbie dolls. Sometimes I’d tear the head off mine. That was always fun. And now, look at us. In our 20s, catching up over dinner in the UK. Just another Thursday right? Love it. 

Peace in, x


Can’t say I’ve done anything productive this week other than the usual catch ups. 
I returned to Zouk on Saturday after months of intentional evasion and did enjoy most of my night. Although towards the end, something really got to me and I was… “mildly” out of sorts. Well, shame on me for succumbing to old habits. Despite most of my teen weekends in the past being spent there I’ve definitely had better nights elsewhere. So in the future, I think its best to revisit my new found faves.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking a lot about the big move next year, and the closer it gets, the more apprehensive I feel. I’m extremely anxious and unnerved. A myriad of fears and uncertainty flood through me. I’ve been asked so many questions as to my choice of study and what feels like an endless supply of judgement passed from onlookers. Why is it that with everything we do comes the attachment of incisive critics? Why does everything have to be done the conventional way? Why can’t people just accept that not everyone’s built to be a fucking engineer or business type, even an accountant or broker. Maybe I’m just different? Why is it so wrong to want to do things my way and to let me discover my path on my own? I don’t always have the answers to my future. I don’t know what I want to be, nor what I want to do in life. But thats the fucking beauty of it isn’t it? Taking the steps that you know you’re sure of, and having them lead you to something bigger and better than yourself. Because life is never a straight line. It’s ever changing and we have to consistently adapt to the world around us. I know nothing’s perfect and I’m going fall, a lot. But how can we truly appreciate success if we’ve never seen failure. What I’m doing may seem ludicrous and pointless, and maybe it is. But seriously, I don’t need your input. 

I just need to get this out there.

Peace in, x

It’s been real Hong Kong. Till next time, X


Feeling absolute contentment this past year and a half. From how my relationship is going, to work, my friends, my trips. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time, this new found sense of worth and freedom.

In the past, I’d felt my life was never really mine. Felt like, something was holding me back, keeping control. Weighing me down. Every part of me inching closer to the darkest corners of my mind. Now, the only thing that gets me, is the thought of losing everything I have now.

I’m scared, but hopeful for the future. Keeping my positive energy eager and afloat through whatever emotional turmoil that stirs within me in moments of solitude.

My mind wanders a lot. And it’s hard when you’re constantly  being plagued by worst case scenarios. But as of late, despite all that, I feel stronger than ever on the pursuit of my being, and just making sure that no matter what, I stay grounded and live my life to the absolute fullest. 

I just feel like the best version of myself, and I’m excited for the new. Change isn’t always good, but I gotta say, I’m really loving my odds right now.

Peace in, x


imagePicture taken at Pod39 Rooftop

New updates on the New York front. Basically more rooftop porn to sink your teeth into in my most recent facebook adds. Started out the afternoon with a little retail therapy at the usual suspects (Forever21, Sephora and Urban Outfitters), continuing on after to Haven Rooftop for lunch. I’ve gotta say, hands down, best truffle fries EVA. The view was aright. Not as great as Le Bain, but I had no complaints. To be honest, I was very surprised a place like Haven even existed in Times Square. With the incessant hustle and bustle of the city, it was nice to find a quiet spot like Haven to escape. Definitely will return.

After lunch, we then walked down a couple of blocks over to Pod 39, which was also another rooftop establishment. I’d been meaning to check this place out for months and was so excited to finally see it. When we got there, the bar downstairs was absolutely packed and if you weren’t already on the guestlist, you had to wait like everyone else. They were at full capacity at that point, and weren’t letting anyone up until they had some vacancies. The woman at the podium was extremely accommodating though. Initially she told us we had to give our names and phone numbers and that she’ll contact us when they’re ready. I explained that we were from Singapore and didn’t have an American number. She realized we were obviously not from here, and decided to bump us up to the top of the list saying, “Come back in 20 mins.” And true enough, she stamped us in shortly after. I was so happy to escape the nightmare of the crowd I tipped her a 20.

A friend of mine named Julian who, funnily enough, I met last year in New York on one of the nights I’d gone out clubbing, came and joined us for a drink. Was great catching up! Always nice seeing familiar faces on my travels over a couple of beers and gin and tonics. 

We ended the night around 10? On the way back, we walked past a psychic and since I was a little intoxicated, I figured, mehh why not. So I got a tarot card reading done and paid 20 bucks for it. Being New York and all, I obviously didn’t get much out of my session, just a lot of generic statements and stuff about my aura. David thinks I’m nuts. First astrology, now psychics. Boys just don’t understand.

Anyways, New York’s been fantastic. Not looking forward to working back, but I guess its safe to say, I am missing my man. Just booked my free ticket to Brisbane so David and I get a couple of extra days together. We’ll be leaving for Brisbane once I get back. Glad its all worked out. I always get excited whenever we travel together. And even though it’s only a week, I’m just happy we get to spend more time together before having to succumb to long distance again till Christmas. 

Alright well, this post has gone on long enough. Time for a power nap. Gotta start getting ready for work in an hour. Just shoot me.

Peace in x



Pictures taken at Le Bain 

Despite a seemingly endless shift at work, my first day in New York turned out lovely. Been wanting to check out this rooftop bar for a very long time, but unfortunately, fate’s been a little intervening bitch and interrupting summer vibes with winter chills. So when I got this flight in my roster and found out it was the season I’d been waiting for, I was mad thrilled. And thankfully, it was well worth the wait.

I absolutely loved everything about Le Bain. From the grass flooring, to the refreshing pitchers of alco and of course the magnificent view of America’s famous concrete jungle. Such a perfect way to spend a sunset. I was enthralled. The club just a floor below was a great concept as well. Huge hot tub right by floor to ceiling glass windows overlooking the skyline. Spacious dancefloor. Disco ball. Big black leather couches. Real kinky shit. 

We had gone pretty early to catch the sunset so we didn’t end up staying on for the party. Got exhausted after a couple of drinks since we hadn’t gotten any rest in between, so we headed back around 8pm. 

All in all, an ace of a day and I can’t wait for tomorrow. A little shopping, some lunch, ending off with a glass of wine at Pod39? Hmm, its’ lookin stellar. 

Ahh, I’ve missed you New York! <3


Pictures taken at El Kabron in Bali, Indonesia

Bali turned out to be a great success. First two days in Ubud were basically spent spoilt over hair cream baths and massage appointments, not to mention adorable little cafes and hang out spots in the central Ubud area. I was hoping to see Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray Love, something I placed great importance in in our itinerary whilst there. Unfortunately, many of the locals didn’t express great reviews for the guy so I decided to give it a miss. But it was pleasant nonetheless. Wonderful environment to just relax in. Get tranquil.
We even went to the monkey forest which turned out to be right next to our villa and got to walk amongst long tailed macaques. Always fun to watch monkeys casually scratch their balls. 

The last two days spent in Seminyak really flew by. Went on a slight alco bender and got to meet some amazing people of whom gladly joined in the alco bender with us. That’s what I enjoy most about travelling, leaving with new friends to keep in contact with.
And of course, it wouldn’t be Bali without a little magic boomers. I think I enjoyed that part the most. It was such a great experience. From the famous Potato Head, to El Kabron, to Hu’u Bar, to Skygarden, La Favela and even Eat Well, which served up some of the best quality meat dishes I’ve ever had. Not to mention the mashies were just how I liked them (Semi smooth with the little lumps).  All in all, can’t complain about Bali. Hope to revisit the gorgeous land again soon. 

In other news, I just got back from Nagoya. Been stuck with the flu these past couple of days so work didn’t sit well with me. But I’m back home safe, and after last night’s dose fo nyquil, I’m all revved up for the weekend’s festivities. Lucky me, got an extra day off. 



Can’t believe its been more than a year since my last post. Been neglecting this space for no particular reason. Or… possibly lack of inspiration as of late. Nevertheless, here’s the first post of the year!

Work has been such drag this year. Feigning illness every couple of weeks because I simply don’t have the urge or drive to do anything anymore. But an opportunity did come about. So hopefully that’ll soon be the change I’m looking for. 

On another note, Bali is just round the corner and I’m beyond excited. First time’s a charm, so I’m counting on having my mind blown indo style. Should be a decent girls weekend away from the cray that is Singapore. Hoping to get all spiritual in Ubud and a little wild in Seminyak. Not forgetting a sesh by the beach and a little shopping here and there. 

Ahh, annual leave. So happy you finally got here. 
Cheers to the next 10 days of slugging!