Pictures taken at El Kabron in Bali, Indonesia

Bali turned out to be a great success. First two days in Ubud were basically spent spoilt over hair cream baths and massage appointments, not to mention adorable little cafes and hang out spots in the central Ubud area. I was hoping to see Ketut Liyer from Eat Pray Love, something I placed great importance in in our itinerary whilst there. Unfortunately, many of the locals didn’t express great reviews for the guy so I decided to give it a miss. But it was pleasant nonetheless. Wonderful environment to just relax in. Get tranquil.
We even went to the monkey forest which turned out to be right next to our villa and got to walk amongst long tailed macaques. Always fun to watch monkeys casually scratch their balls. 

The last two days spent in Seminyak really flew by. Went on a slight alco bender and got to meet some amazing people of whom gladly joined in the alco bender with us. That’s what I enjoy most about travelling, leaving with new friends to keep in contact with.
And of course, it wouldn’t be Bali without a little magic boomers. I think I enjoyed that part the most. It was such a great experience. From the famous Potato Head, to El Kabron, to Hu’u Bar, to Skygarden, La Favela and even Eat Well, which served up some of the best quality meat dishes I’ve ever had. Not to mention the mashies were just how I liked them (Semi smooth with the little lumps).  All in all, can’t complain about Bali. Hope to revisit the gorgeous land again soon. 

In other news, I just got back from Nagoya. Been stuck with the flu these past couple of days so work didn’t sit well with me. But I’m back home safe, and after last night’s dose fo nyquil, I’m all revved up for the weekend’s festivities. Lucky me, got an extra day off. 



Can’t believe its been more than a year since my last post. Been neglecting this space for no particular reason. Or… possibly lack of inspiration as of late. Nevertheless, here’s the first post of the year!

Work has been such drag this year. Feigning illness every couple of weeks because I simply don’t have the urge or drive to do anything anymore. But an opportunity did come about. So hopefully that’ll soon be the change I’m looking for. 

On another note, Bali is just round the corner and I’m beyond excited. First time’s a charm, so I’m counting on having my mind blown indo style. Should be a decent girls weekend away from the cray that is Singapore. Hoping to get all spiritual in Ubud and a little wild in Seminyak. Not forgetting a sesh by the beach and a little shopping here and there. 

Ahh, annual leave. So happy you finally got here. 
Cheers to the next 10 days of slugging!


(Throwback to 2010. Photoshoot with Jeremy)

And so, the witching hour begins. Consuming. Flipping through lost memories of my teens. Oh where has the time gone? The drastic takeover of change has left me speechless. Theres a lot I miss about my life. A lot I wish I could go back to. But, the present’s looking pretty good and my future, even better. I’m really and truly excited to move to Sydney next year. Of course, a part of me is absolutely terrified. But it’s been my long awaited transition and I can’t be caving into cold feet right now that everything’s pretty much cemented. 

Been stressing over accommodation for my first semester. Sydney University’s Village seems to be the best choice at the moment. So lets just hope that all works out. 

Well, not much in other news. Been cruising through 2013 for the most of it. Been so thankful to have had much better trips this year. Many have reached an all time high. So many adventures. Wish I could name them all. Looking forward to finally being around for Christmas and New Years this year before the big move. Hopefully it’ll be good this year. My past year’s celebrating the ‘joyful’ season have proven to lack in the jolly and merry. So, fingers crossed !

Anyway, I think that about wraps up insomnia hour. Time for bed. And maybe just one more cigarette.


I❤BROOKLYN #afropunk

I❤BROOKLYN #afropunk

Hold our naked sheets
A colored breath we’ll see
Here nods on top of me
Oh how the heart it beats

When, when, when we’re older
When, when, when we’re older
Can I still come over?

in the cityyyyyyy

in the cityyyyyyy

Thank you Mum&Dad <3

23rd July, 2013

To our dearest Daughter,  Sarah                                 

For you, it is a wonderful time to come of age. You live in a time that affords you the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams and wishes.

And you must never believe otherwise.

Time goes by so very quickly. Absolutely nothing in this world can stop its advance. So make the very best of every minute, every hour, and every day of your life. But know, the quality of your life is of your choosing. Choose well, Sarah.

Your mother and I, we have brought you this far. And it is as far as we can go. To shape the rest of your life, it is you who will determine that.

You life’s journey will be long, and along the way, inevitably, you will face challenges and dilemmas, happiness and sorrow, success and failure, fulfillment and disappointments.

It is simply, the natural course of life. Revel in it for in the midst of it all, it keeps you refreshed and gives you a sense of purpose beyond the material. In short, live your life to the full.

Be strong in mind and heart. But be kind. Be polite. Be forgiving.

Be hard on yourself, but see also the good in yourself.

Be resolute in what you want in life and out of life, but never lose yourself for it.

Always stay true to what you believe in. And never, ever, forget where you came from, with respect and honor.

Our parting gift to you, on this your 21st birthday, is to let you know how proud we are of you. In so many ways you have given us cause to be eternally grateful to God for having you in our lives. And as you chart your life ahead, know that your mother and I will always be beside you.

We wish you many happy returns of the day on your 21st birthday, and from this day, all the happiness and success life has to offer.

Love always,
Mum & Dad